Give a treat worth Howling about!
  • Customize Fleece Dog Jacket

    Please let us know the measurements for length, neck, and girth and if you already have a particular fabric color or pattern you would like
    We know our pups come in all different shapes and sizes. So to help make a jacket for your pup who might not match the exact size for the pattern we have you can now customize the jacket! 
    The picture with the measurements on it is for the pattern we have, the last picture is the basic to help you measure your pup. We will get in contact with you to pick the fabric color(s) of what we have on hand, after your order is in. If you know what color(s) you would like let us know and we can see if we can get them! 
    When picking a size go with what size dog you have small, medium, large or X-Large. Our Grunthor ( the dog in the photo ) is an X large and weighs around 200 lbs.